Punctual Proofreading

Non-fiction proofreading and editing

Punctual Proofreading provides a specialised non-fiction proofreading and editing service for clients across Australia. Punctual Proofreading particularly supports academics, companies and professionals throughout the country to produce documents of the highest quality and to international standards.

Editorial work is conducted in a meticulous and methodical manner and attention to detail is exceptional. Each document is diligently proofread or edited onscreen and then carefully proofread on hard copy.

The Editor has extensive experience in proofreading and editing, has worked in corporate and government publishing, has in-depth knowledge of punctuation and grammar, and has a Master of Literature degree. The Editor has particular experience in proofreading and editing academic papers in psychology, political science, engineering and education, as well as documents for the engineering and mining industries.


Punctual Proofreading proofreads and edits:

  • articles for peer-reviewed journals
  • academic papers and texts
  • company annual reports
  • general company reports and documents
  • psychiatric and rehabilitation assessment reports.


Why choose Punctual Proofreading? 

  • highly qualified and experienced Editor
  • rules of punctuation and grammar known in great detail
  • rigorous proofreading and editing produces a superior product
  • obligation-free quotation provided quickly
  • free 20-minute editing sample
  • fast turnaround for tight deadlines
  • flexible, ethical and personalised service.


Recent projects 

  • Proofread an academic text, Faith’s knowledge, for internationally respected philosopher and theologian Dr Paul Tyson.
  • Proofread the 2014 and 2013 annual reports of Sedgman Ltd, an international engineering consultancy company with 800 employees worldwide.
  • Proofread the 2014 annual report of Titan Energy Services Ltd.
  • Proofread papers in psychology and architecture for international peer-reviewed journals.
  • Edited reports for professionals in the fields of electrical engineering, psychology, psychiatry and rehabilitation.
  • Proofread articles for an Australian national pharmacy magazine with a circulation of over 24,000.
  • Proofread the Winter 2014 and Spring 2013 editions of King’s Counsel, the magazine of King & Co property consultants with a circulation of 13,000.
  • Completed editorial work for Brisbane’s Child magazine published by Copeland Publishing in Sydney.
  • Edited various PhD and Honours theses in a variety of disciplines, ranging from engineering and medical science to psychology and political science.


Punctual Proofreading’s values

Punctual Proofreading works with clients on confidential documents and on work destined for both a national and international audience. Punctual Proofreading believes that the approach taken to editorial work on documents of such a high calibre is important and therefore provides its services according to the following values:

Genuine interest
The Editor is genuinely interested in helping you produce a document as accurate and flawless as possible for the advancement of your academic career, company or agency. If your work needs to be returned quickly, everything possible will be done to accommodate your time frame.

You are not locked into a contract. Your editorial requirements are discussed and a deadline for the delivery of your proofread or edited work is mutually agreed upon. You are invoiced for payment within 14 days from the date your work is returned.

Honesty and integrity
You are provided with an editorial service tailored to your specific needs, and you are charged for the exact hours worked. If the Editor believes your requirements are not a good match for the service Punctual Proofreading provides, the Editor will advise you accordingly.

Confidentiality and discretion
Your privacy is respected at all times. The contents of your document, the proofreading or editing of your document, and your personal details are never discussed with a third party. Occasionally work of a confidential nature requires the signing of a confidentiality agreement, and the Editor is always happy to oblige.